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My head spins as I sit and think about the occurences in Canada over the past few months. How many more children will go missing before the summer is out? How many more offenders will be released into our communities still holding a high risk to reoffend? How many more offenders will beat the justice system which hold the rights of the offender tighter than that of the vicitm(s)? TOO MANY! It is time for we as a nation to stand up and be heard.

A person just has to watch the news to see that our current penalization of crime is not working. Pedeophiles released, child murderers facing the courts, and the victim(s) are STILL left in the dust to pick up the millions of pieces of their shattered lives. I invite every one of you out there that has been touched by a violent crime to email me. I will tell your story right here on this website. It is for Kimmie, yes, and it has to now be for ALL the Kimmies in Canada who have suffered. My personal email is rainbowmoon@shaw.ca

I want to see everyone have a voice, and I can provide this to those who want to share with all who read this web site. We need to unite in a very big way to have the changes occur quickly and to appease all those who do indeed want change, no matter what their idea of change looks like. So many have spoken about bringing back Capital Punishment. There are others who want LIFE TO MEAN LIFE. Because of the Canadian way of life, success with stiffer prison terms and changes in how an offender is "labelled" a Dangerous Offender will be more nationally acceptable than just going for the hangin rope.

Now, we have people lobbying for Tori's Law, Tim's Law, Ben's Law and so many more. In essence, they all speak of the same changes to the Criminal Code. I want us ALL to come together united to speak for those who cannot anymore, the innocent angels that have been plucked from this earth. I plead with those who are on their own mission of law changesnto contact me also, let all co-ordinate our efforts, combine our voices, and make these changes swiftly, enough is enough!!



Harold Smeltzer has been granted day parole to be served in a halfway house in Regina, Saskatchewan. Dispite efforts made by the family to have him kept behind bars, this has not occured. Smeltzer is a declared pedophile, did not serve an entire 25 years before being granted outings for work and councelling unescorted. We are calling on all people to write you member of parliament, call your local MLA`s and ombudsmen, help us create awareness on a level never seen before. A petition is in the works and we will post the information as it comes up. Please be patient with us as we recover from this shocking and appalling event. Members of Parliament

If you or someone you know were the victim of an unsolved sexual assault between 1974 and 1980 in south Calgary, please read this storyon our Calgary Herald page. Police are trying to solve old cases with new technology. Please help them if you can. It is time for justice. You can send a confidential message to the administrator of Kimmie's Law for more information. You should contact the Cold Case team at the Calgary Police at 403-206-8709 and if you feel the need to talk to someone personally, please contact the Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse 24-hour hotline at 237-5888 to talk to a councellor.

As the result of application under the Saskatchewan Public Disclosure Act, the Regina Police Service is warning the Regina and area public of the presence, in Regina, of Harold David SMELTZER, DOB: 1955-12-15. THIS INFORMATION IS INTENDED TO ENABLE MEMBERS OF THE PUBLIC TO TAKE SUITABLE PREVENTATIVE MEASURES, NOT TO EMBARK UPON ANY FORM OF VIGILANTISM OR OTHER UNREASONABLE CONDUCT DIRECTED AT THIS INDIVIDUAL.

Harold David SMELTZER is described as: Male, Caucasian, 52 years old, height: 5 feet, 6 inches, weight: 273 pounds, blue eyes and brown hair. SMELTZER has a scar on his left wrist. A recent photograph of SMELTZER accompanies this news release and is also available at www.reginapolice.ca.

A brief description of SMELTZERíS offending behaviour is as follows: Harold David SMELTZER has a history of committing violent and sexual offences, involving the use, or threat of use, of weapons, against females with whom he comes in contact who were previously unknown to him. In previous offences, his victims have ranged from early childhood to adult age.

Harold David SMELTZER is subject to a National Parole Board supervision condition which requires that he have no contact with any children under the age of 18 without an adult present who is aware of his prior offences and has been pre-approved by his parole officer. In accordance with the National Parole Board supervision condition described above, SMELTZER will reside in the Core neighbourhood of Regina.

Any member of the public who has questions or concerns is encouraged to contact the Regina Police Service at 777-6500. Anyone who wishes to report an incident where SMELTZER is in violation of the aforementioned condition, should call the Regina Police Service at 777-6500 or Crime Stoppers at 545-TIPS (545-8477). Concerns or reports from persons living outside of Regina should be directed to the nearest detachment of the RCMP or local municipal police department.

This information is intended to raise community awareness about the presence of this offender so that legitimate steps may be taken to protect the community. This information is not to be used for an unlawful purpose. The Regina Police Service stresses that this information is being provided to enable members of the public to take suitable preventive measures. It is not provided so that citizens may seek out Harold David SMELTZER for vigilantism or any other form of unreasonable conduct directed at him.

A spokesperson for the Regina Police Service will be available for comment at 11:00 a.m. at Regina Police Service Headquarters, 1717 Osler Street, Regina.

Kimberley Dawn Thompson

A Little Girl Lost

Born February 28, 1974 in Calgary, Kimberley was a bundle of joy from the moment of her first breathe. She was a quiet, happy little girl who was adored by her older brother and sister. Kimberley became easy going as she grew and was the little playmate of her older sister and her friends. They would play house and Kimmie would always be the baby. Kimmie's favorite game was dress up and the girls in the area loved to adorn her with lovely dresses and accessories. Kimmie was the neighborhood's little angel that every one knew and adored.

Kimmie, as she was called, was the youngest child of three to Evelyn Thompson and step-dad Don Irwin. Kimmie was a little girl who will always be remembered as cheerful, carefree and loving, and, who was taken from her family way too soon at too young an age, 5 years old, one month almost to the day of her 6th birthday. Plucked off the street in broad daylight, carried to the home of Smeltzer's mother, to be drowned in the bathtub because of his cowardice. Smeltzer had every intent on raping Kimmie, yet chickened out the last moment because he thought she was maybe too young.

Fearing discovery, he drowned her in his mother's bathtub and discarded her body in a garbage bag a few blocks from his and the Thompson's homes. Smeltzer loaded Kimmie's little lifeless body into a garbage bag and then into a little wagon to take her away from his home. He figured that if she was found somewhere that they had searched before, that it would be chalked up to sloppy searching tecniques. Smeltzer stuffed her little body clad in the garbage bag into a garbage receptacle behind a house, hoping she would be picked up before discovery. It is just a miracle that she was indeed found and given a peaceful burial instead of becoming a part of landfill.

Sadly it seems that Smeltzer felt he did indeed get away with Kimmie's murder as he continued to prey on innocent children, it was quite some time later that he was identified by one of his victims, so how many children did he actually assault before he was caught? Will we ever know?

When Kimmie smiled, everyone smiled with her so you can imagine the devastation her abduction and subsequent murder had on her family and her neighborhood. It was a time when locking your doors was unheard of, kids walked to school and the store alone and in groups. Our children were safe in a supposedly safe society and child predators were not an everyday occurence on television. For a little girl who was adored by all who knew her to be abducted and murdered shattered the sense of security society had at that time. For Kimmie's murder to go unsolved for more than 5 months, took its toll on everyone.

Evelyn and her family still live with the impact and results of this tragety. There is no reprieve for them in any sense of the word, Kimmie will always be lost to them, she is GONE. There was no highschool graduation, no first crush, no first heartache, there is no wedding memories, and there will never be grandchildren because Kimmie was taken before she had even begun her life. In that moment, the Thompson family had their life changed forever, irreversibly, never changing; a constant personal jail cell.

In 1980, the Thompson family was devestated emotionally and mentally by Harold Smeltzer's actions. Thankfully there was a good income in the home which eased the pressures and stress of the situation a bit. This time around, Don and Evelyn are having financial troubles as Evelyn had to give up her new job and Don is now on disablity. Trying to get by on one small pension, pay everyone who wants something and keep their heads above water has become a daily challenge. There is barely enough left after the mortgage for much needed medications let alone their mortgage. It is truly sad that Harold Smeltzer still continues to ruin peoples' lives through his actions, this time being his application for full parole.

There is a donation link to paypal on the contact page of the site if you wish to assist us in supporting Evelyn and Don in keeping their home functioning and to help with the cost of eventual travel so Evelyn can present her case, please go to the contact page and give what you can. At this time, every penny counts!

Courtesy of Calgary Herald

Kimmies's Life

Smeltzer's Current Accommodations


1972~Harold David Smeltzer moves to Calgary from Montreal at age 14.

1978~ OCTOBER 27: Smeltzer attacks a 17-year-old high school student while she is unlocking the back door of her southwest house. He forces her to wear swim goggles covered with duct tape and to perform oral sex.

1979~ JANUARY 11: A 27-year-old woman leaving Alexander Calhoun public library after hours is grabbed by Smeltzer. He struggles to put swimming goggles on her, but the rubber strap breaks and he flees.

NOVEMBER 30: Smeltzer breaks into Lakeview elementary school and tries raping a 27-year-old night janitor. He threatens to slit her throat and puts a scarf over her eyes.

1980~ JANUARY 24: Smeltzer abducts five-year-old Kimmie Thompson as she walks to kindergarten class. He drowns her in the tub of his parents' home and hides her body in a neighbourhood trash can. Her body is found the next day.

June 18: Smeltzer rapes two girls aged 10 and 11 as they bike home from Glenmore Dam park. 1980~ June 24: The 11-year-old rape victim spots Smeltzer walking on Elbow Drive. Her mother calls police who quickly arrest him. He confesses to the rapes and to the murder.

1981~ MAY 1: After a five-day trial, Smeltzer is convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life with no chance of parole for 25 years. Smeltzer also pleads guilty to two counts of rape, three counts of attempted rape, one of gross indecency, and one of possessing a dangerous weapon. He is sentenced 10 years for each rape, two for possessing a dangerous weapon, and five for attempted rape and gross indecency charges -- to be served concurrently. He is sent to the medium-security Saskatchewan Penitentiary.

2003~ MARCH: Smeltzer is moved to the minimum security prison at Riverbend Institution. He is awarded unescorted temporary absences to work at a thrift store twice a week, and to attend sex offender maintenance therapy in the community.

2008 NOVEMBER 5. 2008: Smeltzer is granted supervised day parole to be served at a halfway house in Regina Saskatchewan.

June 2, 2009: Smeltzer was granted another 6 months day parole and now can venture out of the half way house ON HIS OWN, unescorted! He is suppose to stay away from public places where children are yet can go to a mall. Now, if there ARE children at the mall, he must leave.

Courtesy Calgary Herald
Sherri Zicklefoose ~ Reporter

Courtesy of Calgary Herald

Evelyn Thompson has spent nearly three decades quietly grieving the loss of her little girl. She's breaking that silence now and vows to try and keep Kimmie's killer behind bars.

A Rapist/Murderer

Life IS NOT Life

Harold David Smeltzer, born in 1958 was arrested, charged and convicted of first degree murder in the brutal murder of Kimmie Thompson. Smeltzer was also convicted of two counts of sexual assault and two attempted assaults for which he recieved 10 years, 10 years and 5 years to be served concurrently with his life sentence for murdering Kimmie. Now, at the age of 50, Smeltzer is being housed in a minimum security prison, living in a nice bungaloo setting, able to leave and work unescorted in the community and has been granted day parole as of November 5, 2008.

Smeltzer's admission to Kimmie's murder was like an after the fact mentioning. Eventually, after five months of extensive searching, pointing accusatory fingers at the family and really knowing all along who had done this, Smeltzer was arrested and charged with these assaults. Smeltzer had been picked up for sexually assaulting an eleven year old girl and her friend. While the police interviewed him about the assaults, Smeltzer went into a detailed confession of murdering little Kimmie.

The media had a field day when Kimmie went missing and the city was living in fear for their children. The innuendo that Kimmie's family had something to do with her death bled into the community like poison and saw neighbor against neighbor as well as perverse reaction towards the Thompson family and extended family of brothers, sisters, and their children. Victim money was withheld as they wanted to wait for the rumors to be cleared up and when it was delivered, it was slid through the mail slot without comment. How rude is that?

It was a bitter sweet moment for the police officers who had been on the investigation team for Kimmie's murderer as they had been saying all along that it was Smeltzer, they just did not have the evidence and were frustrated by the responses from their superiors. So much had transpired in the past 5 months, from the murder to the trial, that would forever alter their lives as well as many others. Both these men would have their lives forever changed by this investigation, one was demoted and the other was given the cold shoulder by those around him.

Now here we are 28 years later, looking at the same situation and reliving the hurt and trauma of it all, knowing that this person has an opportunity for full parole. The Thompson family and relatives are committed to Smeltzer never being released. Evelyn was NOT made aware by the parole board that Smeltzer was applying for day parole or any of the other hearings because, as they say, Evelyn did not apply for the information! I am sorry yet when a crime of this magnitude is committed, LIFE MEANS LIFE. Had she been made aware of Smeltzer's requests and actions, he would NOT be in a minimum security prison, let alone on day parole!

Living in a prison of guilt and grief is something that never goes away, you take it to your grave. This is where Harold Smeltzer put the Thompson family when he took their little girl from them. Long before he himself was looking at life through bars, they lived with the loss of this little girl and still now at this time, they are still imprisoned in a life of grief and hurt and loss. Harold Smeltzer, who is just 50 years old now, could get a second chance at a good life; the Thompsons will never have a second chance!

Courtesy of Calgary Herald


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